About Us


OACTEL Inc. is a growing Engineering & Technology Solutions Provider company which incorporated in the year 2007. The team is comprised of highly trained technology professionals, data center architects, Network Engineers, and IT Infrastructure specialist with 20+ years of experience in Data Networking and Computer Technology. The company is focused on providing Network & IT solutions to enable Data Center Automation, Cloud Computing, and Networking. Core competencies include building IT infrastructure, Automation tools implementations and support, infrastructure networking, virtualization, data center automation, analytics, technical support, and technical services. OACTEL utilizes a codified methodology to plan, build, and operate comprehensive technology solutions:

  • Engage the Systems Engineers Team to build and implement IT infrastructure.
  • Engage the Systems Engineers Team to integrate, test, deploy and maintain the clients existing IT infrastructure.
  • Understand and assist in defining business drivers and objectives.
  • Provide a detailed analysis of workflow requirements.
  • Identify IT requirements necessary to achieve objectives.
  • Assess current technology environment, identify gaps, and propose an optimized solution.
  • Document the comprehensive plan outlining objectives, milestones, detailed deliverable, and key metrics for successful implementation.
  • Provide operational support and solutions to maintain service availability, ensuring 24x7x365 system access.