Many of the customers we work with are embarking on technology driven transformation or optimization programmers across their organizations. A key foundation of this transformation is often the modern datacenter.

In a drive to modernize, IT leaders are increasingly leveraging the latest datacentre technologies such as flash-based storage, containers and software-defined technologies as well as recognizing the place for a buy vs build mind-set as part of this change program.

Hybrid Architectures

Also, as the modern datacenter is now not restricted to a physical location but can straddle on premise, hosted, shared and public cloud platforms, this ‘modernization’ program often involves hybrid architectures. And as a result, data protection systems and business-critical services should be able to leverage these hybrid architectures.

Five key goals

* Autonomous Scaling

* Enhanced Security

* Reduced Management

* Cost Efficiencies

* Technology Longevity

Modern Datacentre Technologies

OACTEL works with best of breed technologies, brands and platforms to ensure we can provide expert guidance, services and support for customers embarking on DC modernization projects. We have highlighted some of the key technologies here. If you’d like to talk to us about our Datacentre Modernization, get in touch.

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