Mobile Web Solutions

While native applications are engineered with different programming languages, HTML5 & CSS3 allow you to build web applications that are cross platform compatible. Our mobile web engineers can rival native software expectations for the iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry. Users can swipe, tap, stretch, and pinch just as they would with native applications. By utilizing advancement in web technologies, we can help enterprises build cost efficient, user-friendly web apps that look beautiful on any mobile device.


Testing and Development
By incorporating testing sprints during every stage of our delivery process, we assured that even the smallest problems were addressed as soon as they appeared. Our quality assurance team writes hundreds of positive and negative test cases and programs to assure application functions based on business requirements, taking in to account all the corner cases as well as penetration testing. Our formalized testing process allowed us to maintain high quality of code across all platforms and operating systems.
Cross-Platform Compatibility
The site was tested on over 9 mobile devices. We were able to utilize the latest functionalities of HTML5/CSS3 to build a top of the line mobile web application that rendered perfectly on multiple mobile devices.