Testing Services

The rapid growth of the Cloud, mobile device use and social networks have added complexity to the enterprise software application environment. The developers of business applications and software products are challenged to meet higher standards for security, customer experience and cost optimization. Companies that deliver high quality applications and a seamless experience, while addressing digital transformation will take the lead.

Oactel’s Testing Services help companies to automate their testing processes, leading to higher quality applications, greater business agility and faster time-to-market.

Solutions & Services

Oactel provides specialized, automated and core testing services, resulting in reduced costs and accelerated time-to-market.

Oactel’s Testing Services include:

  1. Automated Testing Solution

    Today’s Challenge

    Organizations perform manual regression testing for many reasons and must contend with the following issues:

    • Inefficient and inconsistent – Manual testing takes too long to conduct the tests and it is repetitive, leading to errors and inconsistent results
    • Misfit for Agile Development – When regression testing is performed manually, it is difficult to complete within the time available during the sprint
    • Defects are caught too late in the development process making them costlier to fix

    Oactel’s Solution:

    Oactel builds automated regression test suites using a mature and proven automated test frameworks and reusable code that includes: Automation Framework Simple and easy to maintain structure and template to build the code for test automation  Integration with Continuous Integration Platforms Easy integration with continuous integration platforms, such as Jenkins  Reusable Libraries  Oactel has developed code for commonly encountered actions and validation functions, reducing the effort it takes to develop test automation for any application  Summarization and Publication of Results Automatic aggregation of test results and automatic publishing through dashboards and reports


    • Efficient, consistent, and fast
    • Easy to build and maintain
    • Cost Optimization
    • Cross Platform for Web and Mobile


  2. Core Testing Services

    Today’s Challenge

    The application environment is becoming more complex with the additions of the Cloud, mobility and analytics. Software Product companies and IT organizations rely on testing services for scalability, flexibility, better end-user experience, performance and faster-time-to-market. When testing scripts and test results are properly managed, the organization receives actionable feedback to make effective decisions. Infogain has extensive experience working with both waterfall- and agile-based development teams, providing superior testing services to ensure development of robust, error-minimized software and applications.

    Oactel’s Solution:

    Leveraging testing expertise, proven effective in engagements with world-leading software companies and enterprises, provides formal testing processes in test planning, execution, automation and management, resulting in reduced engineering development efforts, increased ROI and accelerated time-to-market. Utilizing the Agile development methodology, SCRUM teams, licensed and open source tools, Oactel’s testing services also include Strategic Testing Advisory Consulting. Our Testing Services spans:

    • Functional Testing
    • Globalization Testing
    • Managed Testing Services
    • Mobile Testing
    • Platform Compatibility Testing
    • Regression Testing
    • Security Testing
    • SOA Integration Testing
    • Test Automation
    • User Acceptance Testing


    • Accelerated time-to-market
    • Automated test suite leading to immediate ROI
    • Formalized approach with Agile methodology
    • Better end-user experience


  3. Specialized Test-and-Solve Engineering-based Testing

    In this unique approach, engineers are embedded in the testing function and solutions are provided together with delivery of the test results. Infogain clients report a 50% reduction in development costs and 70% reduction in maintenance costs.